Davie Golf & CC – A Step Above Arrowhead

Played the old Arrowhead CC, now Davie Golf & CC on Sunday, May 27, booked last-minute on GolfNow.com at a great $25 rate. Quick report: great value for the money. The redesigned course is heavily landscaped, has logical and smooth golf cart paths, is surrounded by water in play and has a few tricks up its sleeve. Starter Mike proudly explained the course to us and let us in on a few playing secrets including warning us about the substantial water hazards, urging us to play bump and run instead of shooting for the flag on the postage stamp greens and showed just how friendly a course can be, as we learned about free golf balls available on the 10th hole (due to many golfers losing lots of balls in the water), apples soaking in ice water and other amenities.

After the ninth hole, we were offered hot dogs and hamburgers to purchase right off the green plus FREE BEER. Free beer! What course gives you free beer? One glass hit the spot on a hot day, tempered of course by plenty of water and Gatorade. Mike’s advice was well taken. The layout plays to a par 70 and offers plenty of choices of length as you choose your teeing ground.  The small greens are hard to target and you don’t want to end up on the high side. Balls left above the putting surface resulted in nearly impossible chip shots into downhill, fast greens. Course management is definitely a necessity here.

From the new equine logo to the redesigned course to the helpful staff, Davie GCC got it right. In summary, we were able to book last-minute, got the nickel tour by a proud and friendly staff, enjoyed a challenging course in nice condition and found a gem worth future visits. One of the best golf values for the money in Broward – Davie Golf & CC.

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