Lighthouse Church Miramar Update

Lighthouse Church Miramar – Community Service

The Lighthouse Church conducted its second community outreach yesterday with a makeover event at His House Children’s Home in just over the border Miami-Dade County with some 40+ volunteers painting, cleaning and pressure washing His House Academy, the on-site school. This was Lighthouse Church’s second outreach and they plan one every six weeks or so. For details check or the Facebook page.

Pastor Eric Gamero is in full stride after three months at the helm of this exuberant congregation. His youthful energy is matched by a maturity in faith that is well rooted and connects to churchgoers of any age. His Bible is an Ipad, his dress code is 30-ish hip, his hair is just-got-out-bed tousled, offset by wispy chin whiskers. His eyes shine life as his lyrical voice beckons the audience to absorb the message of hope and its wiser cousin, faith. He unashamedly sings with the closing benediction of the youthful band with their array of instruments supplemented by Macintosh laptops, tablets and a floor full of wires connecting it all.

Staying connected is the essence of the new age in communications. Weaving connections with people, church and community is what The Lighthouse Church is all about. For anyone wishing to grow in faith and put that faith into action, TLC Shines for you.

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