Budget Gems – 5 Year Capital Improvement Plan

Here’s a taste of some of the 5-year capital improvement plan spending that was approved by your commission:

$2M to reconfigure Bill Lipps Sports Complex FY16-17
$400K for a metal span structure at the Cooper City Sports Complex basketball courts FY15-16
$500K to replace playground equipment FY14-19
$2.4M to develop West Sports Complex FY14-18
$80K for Community Center renovations FY14-15
$75K for a generator for the Community Center FY14-15
$50K for City Hall lobby renovation FY14-15
$285K to upgrade the Pool &Tennis Center court lighting FY15-18
$50K to add a play structure & picnic tables at P&TC FY15-16

Total just for these items is $5,840,000

Other items that make up the $8.763,000 overall total include ADA compliance items, re-roofing, street resurfacing and other necessary maintenance. Those seem to be solid needs. It would be interesting to know from the above list, what items are “must-have” improvements to maintain the operational integrity of a facility, and what are “nice-to-have” items, if any. As many taxpayers in Cooper City continue to struggle to get along with less, is every capital improvement expense item a true necessity?

For stimulating reading, check the approved budget at this link.

Oh, by the way, according to the approved budget, the commissioner’s budget includes $140 a month each for cell phones in addition to the group insurance benefits (about $17,270 a year benefit for each active commissioner) and the newly doubled salary. In fact, the entire Department 100 – Commission budget (minus retiree benefits) comes out to just under $50k a year per active commissioner, of which there is $24,500 for travel expenses, according to the report. The total budget for Department 100 – Commission is under $400,000 annually. Heck, that’s enough to buy another “metal structure” for the basketball courts.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Skip Klauber on November 6, 2014 at 2:01 pm

    The focus here should be the West Sports Complex. Is this another name for the Cooper City Sports Complex on Stirling, OR, is it a sub rosa plan to develop a “Soccer Complex” on the west side of Flamingo? There is not a single piece of info in existence justifying three sports complexes in Cooper City. Bill Lipps, the Sports Complex and the west side of Flamingo. A new sports complex in no way offers a GD thing to the people of Cooper City. As is, Cooper City residents only make up a bit over 60% of Optimist sports participants. The “extra fee” paid by out of town people is a drop in the bucket of what we in CC spend, and it looks like only about half of those fees gets to Cooper City anyway. And please ask how much of those out of town fees were paid to Cooper City between 2003-2012? Go on, ask, cause the answer is $0. Nothing. It’s was all retained by the Optimists.

    The first person I blame for these irregularities in the City Attorney. That position should be given to someone willing to say no, and to point out problem and errors. In my opinion, we have someone who is strictly a yes man missing a backbone, amongst other party parts. As for the Commission itself, the fish rots from the head down.

    What will people do about all this? Nothing. Other than (fortunately!) voting John Sims back into office, almost all residents sleepwalk through these boondoggles.

    Skip Klauber (not afraid to put my name on postings, etc.)


    • Posted by remarkability on November 6, 2014 at 2:32 pm

      Hey, the West Complex costs only about $70 for every man, woman and child. No big deal, right? Except when you figure who actually works to earn money to pay the tax bill, that person is most likely paying for a family, so the number is much higher. And just what % of taxpayers will actually use that complex? Hey, it’s what makes CC someplace special… Except all these special things add up. $70 per resident here, $150 there. Do we really “need” a metal structure (roof maybe) at the basketball courts? it’s only $11 per resident. Is the City Hall lobby that bad it needs $50K in renovation? My wife volunteered to paint it for free. There is some unfettered spending going on in my opinion and we have the tax bills to prove it. I have stuff at my house I really can’t afford to fix because I’m busy footing the bill for night time tennis players, out of town soccer teams, repairs of the obviously shabby City Hall lobby, a “reconfigured” Bill Lipps Park (where I’ve never stepped foot) and on, and on, and on. How about giving ME a break, and keeping the spending down to a dull roar?

      Mark Holmes


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