Trader Joe’s – Budget/Gourmet With a ’60’s Vibe.

First visit to Trader Joe’s (11960 Pines Blvd). 20141222_141836Not exactly what I expected, kind of a cozy ’60’s beach/drive-in vibe with bright colors, plus light wood decor and checkout stands instead of a big warehouse, and great prices on most stuff.

Almost everything is “Trader Joe’s” brand, and as you’ve heard, their wine selection is good-sized and well priced. A few item samples: $1.99 for a half-gallon of OJ, $1.79 for a dozen eggs, $2.49 for the large bags of multi-grain tortilla or ridged potato chips, $2.99 for their house brand 20141222_133915Merlot and White Zindandel (and other varietals), pure grade-A maple syrup at $5.49,  EV Olive Oil (33 oz. size) for just $7.99. I’m told by the expert that those are good prices. Trader Joe’s has plenty of imported cheeses, a good selection of nice, flash-frozen fish, small-batch craft beer, fresh produce, a nice assortment of frozen convenience foods, and much more.20141222_133746 It’s a budget-gourmet place combined with a small-town grocery store feel. The staff is friendly and helpful plus they empty your cart and bag your stuff for you; all you do is watch and pay.

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