Personalized Service at Cooper City TRUE VALUE

If you’re tired of aimlessly wandering the canyons of your local big-box home improvement store, try the new Cooper City True Value. tv3They seem to have about 90% of what I typically need and it’s convenient. Not only that, you get personalized service instead of hopelessly and vainly searching for an blue or orange-clad employee at the mega stores.

Owners Russ and Ernie both demonstrated excellent customer service skills while I was there, patiently helping a female customer with multiple hardware needs, and helping me find parts to restore my antique tripods. Parts, I might add that were out of stock at the big-box store in spite of their massive-ness.

If you need hardware of any kind, give True Value a try – they have all kinds of nuts, bolts, screws, connectors, clips, t-nuts… the list goes on, and they’re all organized and easy to find. I saw plenty of PVC pipe supplies, paint and tv2painting supplies, ladders, mowers, power tools, door hardware, barbeque items, saw blades, electrical supplies, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, and a whole lot more. Like I said, 90% of the time, these are the types of items I need, and at True Value, you can get immediate help, find what you want, and be on your way. I thought the prices were very reasonable.tv1

Save some shoe leather… try the new True Value. It’s located in the old Blockbuster store location at Hiatus and Sheridan. Look for the grand opening event February 6 through the 8th, including buy one, get one free on EasyCare paint, a fun treasure hunt, register to win prizes, and a spin-to-win game. The ribbon cutting was held at 1 PM on February 7th with Mayor Ross and commissioners in attendance.

Mayor Ross leads the ribbon cutting at True Value.


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