$2.5M For Artificial Turf

The upcoming Cooper City budget calls for $2.5M to be spent on upgradingturf city playing fiieds with state of the art artificial turf. Sound move or foolish spending?

The web site, MomsTeam.com has a good article highlighting the pros and cons of this turf.

One of the “cons’ mentioned in the article is kind of gross:

  • Bacterial breeding ground. Medical experts have found that staphylococci and other bacteria can survive on polyethylene plastic, the compound used to make synthetic turf blades, for more than 90 days. Blood, sweat, skin cells and other materials can remain on the synthetic turf because the fields are not washed or cleaned.

However, the artificial surface is much more playable, saves a lot of water, and has lower maintenance costs than grass. According to the report, once the decision is made to use artificial turf, the city cannot revert back to grass because the soil is destroyed in terms of supporting live grass.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Cooper City wants to kill our kids…slowly but surely!


  2. Posted by Walt Jolliff on July 14, 2015 at 11:39 am

    It is reasonable on the face of it that artificial turf may have some benefits.The vendors and manufacturers have done a good job of advocating the initial benefits of their products. In turn, when questions are asked, when authoritative organization become involved, when data becomes available, the truth is denied by those who have a vested interest in the program. Particularly those who had advocated for the artificial turf so fervently become quite defensive if not abusive.

    For those with kids whose activities use these fields, the benefits harbor a more deadly message, BEWARE THE DANGERS as they are not clearly evident immediately . Kids are still in a developmental stage. Their immune system is not fully developed. Thus, the impact may take months. The parents are dismayed that a disease has overcome their child but are unable to discern the causal factor.

    Herein lies the dilemma, do we stop the project or proceed ahead full steam? Neither, what is required by most rational people is to take the necessary precautions and perform an adequate “due diligence”. To simple press ahead to please a special interest group (we all know how the politics of that is done) is to fly in the face of good and reasoned sound judgment. I can think of no greater reason to proceed with great caution than health and best interests of kids and not saving a few dollars as has been suggested by some.

    W. Jolliff


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