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Unique Knucklehead Burgers – Quirky, Tasty

Unique, quirky, yet confident, that’s how I would describe Knucklehead Burgers. Inside, the colorful décor reflects the upbeat naturekh of the staff and floor to ceiling, it is clean and inviting. To order, peruse the varied menu (including burgers, fried bologna sandwich, fish and chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, wings and more), place your order, pay and be seated. Your food will be brought out quickly, hot and ready, served on a flat aluminum platter covered with restaurant serving paper. Drinks are self serve for sodas and they serve beer and wine, coffee and iced tea.

The meaty burgers are a unique blend of angus brisket, filet mignon and chuck and are quite unlike any other burger – delicious with complex flavors. An assortment of signature presentations is available along with the “keep it simple” version for traditionalists. Explore the extensive and quirky menu and try several selections – you probably won’t be disappointed. Fries are done right, onion rings bountiful and everything we’ve ordered on four visits now has been fresh, tasty and of high quality. They participate in the Spot On rewards system where you simply scan a QR code on your cellphone to record visits to accumulate points for free stuff. Details at the counter. The restaurant has 3 flat screen TVs running (no sound) with sports channels on but they will adjust a TV to your liking – just ask.

Knucklehead Burgers has wedged itself into our short list of favorite fast food go-to destinations in the Cooper City/Davie area. Well worth a visit.

Knucklehead Burgers ( is located at 4900 University Drive, just south of Griffin on the northbound side and situated on the south end of the building. Look for the green and blue sign. Well connected on social media, check them out on Facebook and Twitter as well.

The Weather Channel (dot com) Out of Line?

In recent months The Weather Channel or TWC ( has

“Before the Bikini” on

invoked an editorial approach of sensationalism in its captions using emphasis and capitalization of key words such as AMAZING, TERROR, threat LOOMS. In addition, trying to get reader’s participation, they give the option to click on video response buttons like AWESOME, SCARY, HEROIC, TRAGIC and so on, a childish effort in my opinion, at best. Thankfully, none of these little tags seems to be of interest to readers as they typically show zero hits. Further, they run features that have nothing to do with weather, such as “before the bikini”,  “world’s scariest runways” and “world’s weirdest skyscrapers” – what in the world is going on at TWC?ywtt

The question is, when and why did TWC become so melodramatic? Their subject matter is compelling enough, the reporting they provide is generally thorough and professional – adult if you will – so what’s with the immature ALL CAPS HEADLINES, off-subject stories and silly response tags? It’s as if TWC has been purchased by the Enquirer and feels the need to appeal to the lowest common denominator. A shame, really. What do you think? Is TWC out of line?

From The Weather Company is owned by a consortium made up of NBC Universal and the private equity firms The Blackstone Group and Bain Capital. 

Lighthouse Church Leaps Forward in New Location

It’s the firstTLC310 anniversary of The Lighthouse Church formed by Pastors Eric Gamero and Johnie Butler just 12 months ago. The fledging church, crammed into a couple of hotel meeting rooms in Miramar until this week, has attracted a steadily growing congregation that was split into several services by necessity. Today, along with the clocks leaping forward an hour, TLC took a huge step forward in a new facility, easily 10 times bigger than the modest hotel space that gave birth to the church. Now meeting at Lakeside Elementary School just north of Pines Blvd. and east of I-75, the church filled over 325 seats to capacity at the new 11:00 AM service. The seed planted a year ago has found new life in fertile ground after months of searching for a suitable facility.

As Pastor Gamero reminded the congregation, real success is not measured in worldly gains – yes, the steady growth and new location are testaments to the work being done and the need being answered. Success he said,  instead is measured by faithfulness. In spite of numerous hurdles along the way, TLC has remained steadfast through multiple challenges and finally found a new home, closing the chapter of its first year, and brilliantly opening up a new one as it moves forward. tlc310a

Seeded by a handful of transplants from Eric and Johnie’s previous church where they served effectively in supporting pastoral roles, TLC has embraced many dozens of new members in west Miramar and Pines.

Worship director Steve Villafane leads a nine-piece, upbeat worship band, young in age but mature in presentation, singing a wide selection of joyful, contemporary songs. In honor of the one year anniversary, the group presented church goers with a CD of music from the past year.

To learn more about the TLC community, its outreach programs, or for more background information visit

Cooper City Burglaries

From BSO, 2/13/12: Recently there has been an increase in conveyance burglaries during overnight hours in the Flamingo Gardens area where unlocked vehicles are being targeted.  BSO reminds you to lock and secure your vehicles.  If you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood, call 911 immediately.

3/10: Spoke to the Cooper City BSO police chief and he did indicate there were a few occupied home burglaries (access through unlocked doors at night) so stay viigilant and lock your doors. You’re not in Mayberry any more.

7/11/13: Yesterday, Cooper City detectives arrested a subject who was responsible for committing several nighttime burglaries over the past few months. Because of the partnership between residents and law enforcement, the subject was identified and arrested with property being recovered.

Cash for Old Cameras and Lenses

What’s in your closet? Got any old Nikon film cameras? Any old Rolleiflex or Rolleicord TLRs? Old lenses? Vintage Canon, Olympus, Minolta or other SLRs? There is a limited market for older film cameras and SLR lenses, or even older 40’s and 50’s model single and twin lens reflexes. They are more than dust collectors, in most cases, and you can turn them into cash by contacting Not every camera is a “keeper” but some will have value. Find out now.

Valéria’s Gifts – Unique Brazilian Jewelry and More

Valéria’s Gifts

Always on the lookout for fun and unique items, we’ve come across Valéria’s Gifts and Things, featuring Brazilian jewelry (owner Valéria is originally from Brazil) that is unique and hard to find anywhere else.

She and her family have been fortunate to travel extensively, and have discovered that her many friends and associates love the fine Brazilian jewelry as much as she does. As a result she decided to create Valéria’s Gifts and Things, featuring custom jewelry and other unique gifts.  Valéria is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish, is very personable and kind and has a keen eye for quality.

Her inventory is constantly being updated and expanded and she provides a personalized gift finding service. In fact she searched far and wide to find a unique and fun gift for my nephew who is recovering from a bone marrow transplant. Valéria and her family are devoted to community service including frequent support for Cancer patients and survivors at Memorial West Hospital and elsewhere.

The Internet-based store reaches worldwide but Valéria is local to South Florida. Please check out her web site at and feel free to contact her with any special request. You’ll be treated fairly and with a genuine concern for friendly service.

New Look For Idea Depot, Inc.

Idea Depot launches new look. Cooper City marketing and web development enterprise goes with a deep blue background and flash name graphic. Idea Depot focuses on web development, web makeovers, search engine optimization with page one results, traditional and electronic marketing, copy writing and social media.

Lighthouse Church Miramar Update

Lighthouse Church Miramar – Community Service

The Lighthouse Church conducted its second community outreach yesterday with a makeover event at His House Children’s Home in just over the border Miami-Dade County with some 40+ volunteers painting, cleaning and pressure washing His House Academy, the on-site school. This was Lighthouse Church’s second outreach and they plan one every six weeks or so. For details check or the Facebook page.

Pastor Eric Gamero is in full stride after three months at the helm of this exuberant congregation. His youthful energy is matched by a maturity in faith that is well rooted and connects to churchgoers of any age. His Bible is an Ipad, his dress code is 30-ish hip, his hair is just-got-out-bed tousled, offset by wispy chin whiskers. His eyes shine life as his lyrical voice beckons the audience to absorb the message of hope and its wiser cousin, faith. He unashamedly sings with the closing benediction of the youthful band with their array of instruments supplemented by Macintosh laptops, tablets and a floor full of wires connecting it all.

Staying connected is the essence of the new age in communications. Weaving connections with people, church and community is what The Lighthouse Church is all about. For anyone wishing to grow in faith and put that faith into action, TLC Shines for you.

Marlins Park – Beautiful; Marlins Team – Not So Much

So we took the journey to the old Orange Bowl site for April 30th matinee getaway game (12:40 PM start) and joined 15,000 school kids (all screaming at once, all the time) at the very impressive Marlins Park. Now THIS is a ball park. Amazing view from everywhere, comfortable seats with proper sight lines. A friendly and helpful staff, too. The pastel, in-your-face greens, blues and yellows take a bit of getting used to and the color scheme wouldn’t work elsewhere in the league for in Miami, it seems about right.

Since an uneven start (including the dismal April 30th game) the Marlins have been a run – a big run with the best record in MLB for May powered by strong pitching, the remarkable Giancarlo Stanton and  a closer (Heath Bell) who seems to have overcome early season jitters.

The trip from Cooper City (via Griffin Road/Turnpike/I95) is about 45 minutes with some of the typical stop and go. Exit 826 West then 12th Avenue (left to the bridge) and bang, you’re there. The stadium rises like a work of art just a few blocks away. Parking was easy (at Pedro’s apartment lot just a short walk away – $20) with immediate street access one block west of 12th Ave. Logistically it’s not that bad. Getting out was the reverse and we used the toll lanes going north. Pretty easy really.

In the new park you can pretty much wander around anywhere. No checking the tickets to keep you off the 100 or 200 levels. The view is amazing and you can stroll all the way around the field and not miss anything. Superb. Concession prices seem to be a notch higher (surprise) but the Sir Pizza was excellent and the individual size was enough for two.

April 30th’s game featured thousands of screaming school children so the noise was nearly intolerable (until the Marlins started losing and it quieted down) and the other thing that the roof keeps in is the cooking smells. Could be bothersome if you were in the wrong spot. But the temperature was perfect, the humidity perfect and it was made all the more perfect by the big picture windows that looked out onto the rain. Rain all you want, we’ve got a ball game.

If you go, don’t pay full price. Get your tickets online at Stubhub or some other online service where people are dumping seats for a few bucks. Get the cheapest tickets you can and wander the 100 level for standing room views and if you want, you could always find your seats. There’s really not a bad seat in the place.

Marlins Park is a gaudy masterpiece done in a fruit salad of colors. The Marlins are a work in progress forging a great May out of a dismal April. As good as they were in May, the Marlins have been dismal since then, losing games by the truck load and dumping high priced talent. What in the world is going on here?

(Revised July 31)

Davie Golf & CC – A Step Above Arrowhead

Played the old Arrowhead CC, now Davie Golf & CC on Sunday, May 27, booked last-minute on at a great $25 rate. Quick report: great value for the money. The redesigned course is heavily landscaped, has logical and smooth golf cart paths, is surrounded by water in play and has a few tricks up its sleeve. Starter Mike proudly explained the course to us and let us in on a few playing secrets including warning us about the substantial water hazards, urging us to play bump and run instead of shooting for the flag on the postage stamp greens and showed just how friendly a course can be, as we learned about free golf balls available on the 10th hole (due to many golfers losing lots of balls in the water), apples soaking in ice water and other amenities.

After the ninth hole, we were offered hot dogs and hamburgers to purchase right off the green plus FREE BEER. Free beer! What course gives you free beer? One glass hit the spot on a hot day, tempered of course by plenty of water and Gatorade. Mike’s advice was well taken. The layout plays to a par 70 and offers plenty of choices of length as you choose your teeing ground.  The small greens are hard to target and you don’t want to end up on the high side. Balls left above the putting surface resulted in nearly impossible chip shots into downhill, fast greens. Course management is definitely a necessity here.

From the new equine logo to the redesigned course to the helpful staff, Davie GCC got it right. In summary, we were able to book last-minute, got the nickel tour by a proud and friendly staff, enjoyed a challenging course in nice condition and found a gem worth future visits. One of the best golf values for the money in Broward – Davie Golf & CC.