What deals have you found in and around Cooper City? We all need to save money, what ways do you suggest? Restaurants, stores, services and more. Share your good fortune here.

Makes Horse Sense to shop around: Needed a new container of ONE AC for the horses (powder formula that helps them sweat) and well, anyway, this stuff can be expensive if you’re not alert. Stopped by Grif”s on Orange Drive in Davie and they wanted $36.99. I don’t think so. So I swung by Horsing Around in Cooper City near the Publix on 100th Ave. and Griffin. She was open (Sunday PM) and wanted $25.95 for the same darn thing. Grifs has to have more buying power with their size but were $11 more for the same product than little Horsing Around. Grifs is a cool store but, c’mon. Thanks, Horsing Around. We’ll be back.

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  1. Save 10% off your first order at Tiny Meals delivers healthy, organic school lunches to any schools in Cooper City. Tiny Meals are different because they are planned according to USDA’s nutritional guidelines and use whole grains and 2 servings of organic fresh fruits and vegetables.


  2. Posted by remarkability on May 28, 2013 at 11:57 am

    Buy pool chlorine at Twin Lakes (Griffin and 100th) on Wednesdays to get double points for future purchases. Use their yellow smiley-face stamps (10 stamps = one free chlorine) so if you buy 4 on a Wednesday, you get 8 stamps, almost a free one in one visit. Great store, friendly and helpful staff.


  3. Posted by remarkability on December 1, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    Got a great coupon from Billy’s Tavern – buy one, get one on a meal entree. Billy’s is fun and friendly, just east of Pine Island on SR 84. Bring your Steelers gear.


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