What To Do

What’s going on in Cooper City and SW Broward? Got an event coming up? Post it here. Been to a great spot around Broward (or even Dade) and want to tell the world? Tell them here. Where do you love to shop? You get the idea.


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  1. Allied Health is now in Cooper City proving Covid-19 testing. They will be providing testing at the sports complex off of Stirling Road.


  2. A fantastic Martial Arts School in Cooper City is having a summer deal where you can take 30 days of Beginner Foundation Classes for only $55.00! It’s a great family activity to look into.


  3. Posted by remarkability on October 15, 2010 at 12:46 am

    You can’t make a very impressive bucket list just within Cooper City but after you’ve enjoyed the city pool, jogging and tennis and the many parks, bike riding, dining and some limited shopping, it’s time to head out to greater Broward and beyond. But you can do basic (even high-end) dining, some decent food and other shopping and just hang around a clean park. You can even ride horses. So Cooper City is a quiet island in a mass of suburban tumult. Enjoy it for what it is.


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