Unique Knucklehead Burgers – Quirky, Tasty

Unique, quirky, yet confident, that’s how I would describe Knucklehead Burgers. Inside, the colorful décor reflects the upbeat naturekh of the staff and floor to ceiling, it is clean and inviting. To order, peruse the varied menu (including burgers, fried bologna sandwich, fish and chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, wings and more), place your order, pay and be seated. Your food will be brought out quickly, hot and ready, served on a flat aluminum platter covered with restaurant serving paper. Drinks are self serve for sodas and they serve beer and wine, coffee and iced tea.

The meaty burgers are a unique blend of angus brisket, filet mignon and chuck and are quite unlike any other burger – delicious with complex flavors. An assortment of signature presentations is available along with the “keep it simple” version for traditionalists. Explore the extensive and quirky menu and try several selections – you probably won’t be disappointed. Fries are done right, onion rings bountiful and everything we’ve ordered on four visits now has been fresh, tasty and of high quality. They participate in the Spot On rewards system where you simply scan a QR code on your cellphone to record visits to accumulate points for free stuff. Details at the counter. The restaurant has 3 flat screen TVs running (no sound) with sports channels on but they will adjust a TV to your liking – just ask.

Knucklehead Burgers has wedged itself into our short list of favorite fast food go-to destinations in the Cooper City/Davie area. Well worth a visit.

Knucklehead Burgers (www.knuckleheadburgers.com) is located at 4900 University Drive, just south of Griffin on the northbound side and situated on the south end of the building. Look for the green and blue sign. Well connected on social media, check them out on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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